Good Talent Management is a top tier talent agency dedicated to the representation of unique and promising talent in the realms of fashion, television and film. GTM is an industry pioneer in its approach to building the careers of its models and actors, and is lauded as a fierce contender in the field of entertainment.

With an extensive and effective network, the GTM team is comprised of industry veterans whom have been recruited for their knowledge and skill spanning the spectrum of the entertainment arena. With an array of immensely skilled photographers, artists, and creatives also under the representation umbrella of GTM, the team is able to bring to life unique, head-turning concepts and content across a wide range of projects and mediums.

In an effort to do our part in offsetting the environmental footprint of the fashion and entertainment industry, Good Talent Management has maintained its operations and dealings on an entirely digital format since 2017. Not only does this streamline our processes and eliminate unnecessary waste, but ensures that, as we move forward, we are able to minimize our own impact on the planet as much as possible.

GTM conducts all business on a purely digital format, and pioneered the use of 360 degree virtual digitals of all models, along with corresponding digital QR Comp Cards. With QR code technology, all pertinent materials are accessible to clients on any smart device with a simple scan, providing full digital packages to clients and giving agencies and partners on-demand access to all talent materials. In the digital age, this seemed a logical and practical progression to both combat our ecological footprint and bring direct booking capability to its peak. With continued awareness surrounding the fashion industry’s position as the number two polluting professional sphere, it is not only a choice but rather a responsibility for our collective organizations to come together in an effort to minimize our negative impact on the environment. An industry inspired by beauty should not flourish at the expense of the most beautiful thing of all. Our planet.

Management by GTM is a truly unique experience dedicated to launching artists to new heights and maximizing their potential in the field. We look forward to working with you.

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